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The ICE APP is a digital platform offering data gathering surveys to benchmark pupils wellbeing and learning as well as a range of surveys to enable pupil voice, learners participation and secure evidence-based data


The ICE APP resource provides schools with their own dedicated digital school site to access a range of pupil surveys across the following resources including: 

This is Me! enabling learners to benchmark their wellbeing based on GIRFEC Wellbeing Indicators 

Knowing Me enabling learners to identify and evidence their progress and achievements across 10 areas, self-reflect on their learning and development, set targets and timescales for improvement, identify the positive aspects of themselves. 

What do I Think? enabling learners from P4 – S6 to participate in anonymous evidence–based surveys across 6 school areas via 16 survey topics to evidence the strength of the school and identify improvements.

The ICE APP Resources
•    enables learner’s participation in self-evaluation and school improvement
•    generates data to benchmark learner’s wellbeing
•    enables pupil voice through a right based approach
•    includes ready-made digital surveys that generate rich, robust data directly from learners
•    produces individual and amalgamated reports
•    generates data to enable schools to measure individual wellbeing, learners support, targeted interventions, classroom practice and school priorities 

•    secures an intelligence lead approach
•    offers a holistic approach to collecting rich, robust data directly from learners
•    provides evidence-based data to support school improvement planning
•    supports professional judgement and moderation

ICE APP Digital Features include: 
•    a designated school web site to build their evidence data base over a period reflecting the school’s priorities
•    secure URL and server
•    single user log in – multi users complete surveys at the same time (QR code)
•    individual, class and whole school reports generated immediately
•    pupil reports emailed to school administrator immediately
•    amalgamated reports with statistics set out in graphical formats
•    compatible with Ipads and other digital devices

ICE APP additional services 
add your own bespoke school survey/s
request our analysis & mentoring service

To request pricing options please contact us.

This is ME.jpg

This is Me!

Pupil Portfolio with Digital Surveys

Enabling schools to evidence and measure pupils progress in relation to Girfec wellbeing Indicators.

What do.jpg

What do I Think? 

Pupil Digital Surveys

Enabling effective participation for learners in areas; relationships, learning, wellbeing working practices and the local community.

Knowing Me.jpg

Knowing Me

Pupil Portfolio with Digital Surveys

Enabling pupils to evidence and measure their progress in relation to; the 4 capacities, their feelings, manners, relationships, behaviour, learning and physical self.

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Introducing the Essential Skills for Employment Award SCQF Level 3 and 4
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