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This is Me! GIRFEC Survey 

Engaged with 16 schools and 500 pupils across 5 local authorities 

“By increasing the rigour of our tracking processes around pupil well-being, we hope to be able to better evidence the impact of targeted supports and interventions for our most vulnerable pupils. The ability to benchmark and track at specific points across the year will also allow us to tailor our approaches in a more specific way, ensuring needs are met and positive gains made to increase and improve pupil skills, mind-set and lead, in the long term, to improved and positive life chances.

Pupils are currently using the Well-being Wheel to reflect; this is on a ten-point scale and guided by discussion only. Using the resources, we can guide their thoughts and thinking more accurately through the detailed questions, adding a more robust and meaningful method to gathering data. This will also provide a more contextualised learning experience for the children and allow them to be more open, honest and clear in their thinking.
Tracking PEF and StInt pupils will allow us to evidence SAC and government projects in a carefully measured way, adding weight and measurable data – the conversation and knowledge of each pupil will allow us to use the data collected to create actionable information to be targeted by the ICE pack and Knowing Me resource alongside nurture principle and processes.”

HT Comments

“This is Me” Survey allows schools to track and monitor HWB of pupils, relating to Girfec well-being indicators. The survey is easy to complete online. Each indicator is broken down into specific statements to allow the pupils to self-assess their progress and add a comment where relevant. Pupils like the specific statements, rather than just being asked to assess how ‘safe’ they feel, for example. The statements can be used to facilitate a discussion between pupils and staff. Individual pupil reports are created to allow staff to analyse individual pupil responses and create targets/next steps. Pupil responses are collated by the application in the form a report of graphs and statistics to allow analysis of target groups/year groups/whole school. There is the facility to export this information to Excel to allow further enhance reporting and analysis. I have found it extremely beneficial to analyse overall results of target groups to identify common areas of difficulty that need to be addressed. This has allowed us as a school to identify gaps and create class, nurturing group and whole school interventions tailored to the needs of our children.”

DHT Comment

Image by Austin Distel
Introducing the Essential Skills for Employment Award SCQF Level 3 and 4
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