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Families in Action

Families in Action Programme launched in August 2019 - 27 schools have secured the programme. 


Report - numbers of parents responding to participating has risen from a normal 12% response to a 25% response. 

“The Families in Action resource allows schools to promote and develop parental engagement. As family learning and parental engagement is on our school improvement plan this session, this has been a beneficial resource for us to use. For each session, Power Point presentations, activities, handouts and other resources are included, which makes delivery of the sessions easy. The sessions are well thought out and are relevant to the needs of our school, pupils and families. There is a strong focus on DSYW, which again has relevance to our curriculum and needs of pupils. Our Barnardo’s Family Support Worker has used some sessions with parents following identification of key issues and requests from parents. Our school have also used sessions with pupils during assemblies to reinforce aspects of HWB.
Principal Teacher is using the Programme as her project to gain her PDA in Leadership SQA Qualification."

DHT Comment

Image by Austin Distel
Introducing the Essential Skills for Employment Award SCQF Level 3 and 4
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