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eLearning Platform

Enabling practitioners to develop their digital skills and access elearning CLPL opportunities


Playback Learning Academy has developed an elearning platform offering education leaders and staff opportunities to develop their digital skills and access digital resources to support their learning and teaching approaches, CLPL opportunities, self-evaluations activities and accredited awards.

The elearning platform provides access to all digital PDF and word documents, power points, planning tools associated with each of the following resource:

  • Families in Action Programme

  • ICE Pack Knowing Me, Knowing You

  • SCQF Awards

  • HWB Digital Surveys

  • SQA Professional Development Awards

  • CLPL resources and opportunities for senior managers and staff

To arrange a free presentation (Scotland only) or discuss any of the resources or services please contact us.

SQA Approved Centre.jpg

SQA Awards

Candidate Portfolio

The PDAs encourage disseminated leadership opportunities for those staff who are seeking and recognise the value of accredited leadership opportunities. 


SCQF Awards

Digital Resources

Enabling practitioners to access the digital resource materials to plan and support the delivery of all our SCQF Awards.

Families in Action.jpg

Families in Action

Digital Resource

Enabling pupils to evidence and measure their progress in relation to; the 4 capacities, their feelings, manners, relationships, behaviour, learning and physical self.



Pupil Digital Surveys

The ICE APP engages pupils in self-reflection, self evaluation and school improvement.

Knowing Me.jpg

Knowing Me, Knowing You

Digital Resource

Enabling school staff to access the resource materials to plan and support the delivery of the 139 resource lessons over six core themes, What do I Need, Want, Value, Think, Feel and Choose to Do and Say? 

Image by Austin Distel
Introducing the Essential Skills for Employment Award SCQF Level 3 and 4
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