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Family in Nature

Families in Action

SHARED: Values, Learning, Aspirations, Information and Responsibilities = Improved Outcomes for ALL Children


This family learning resource provides a framework for school leaders that reflects current government policy. It is presented as a published and digital resource with practical ready-made learning sessions for families and family learning activities with children at home.

These resource sessions will enable schools to measure and evaluate current practice in parental involvement and engagement and provide an accurate reflection of their partnership working.


The resource will:

  • enable a strong ethos of trust with families

  • empower families by enabling them to be valued partners

  • enable meaningful dialogue with families’ and encourage their participation in decision making about their children’s learning

  • support families to become more engaged in their children’s learning and wellbeing at school and in the home

  • ensure improved outcomes through a range of approaches

  • promote partnership working by offering families more opportunities to be involved in school life

  • clarify curricular terminology, lifelong learning, government policy and priorities

  • support families to have a positive impact on their children’s attainment and achievement

  • increase their confidence and capacity to support their children’s wellbeing and learning at home

  • provide opportunities to gather and share information between families and the school

  • enable and empower parental representation


The resource includes:

  • a range of meaningful approaches, structured and supportive sessions (23)

  • session Power Points presentations, aims, resources and suggested delivery and approach

  • explicit information handouts for families

  • activities for families to use at home with children

  • practical, fun activities for children and their families in school

  • reflective self-evaluation questionnaires for families to engage in a range of areas including; Confidence in supporting their children’s learning, Parents Council, Relationships, Partnership Working

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To arrange a free presentation (Scotland only) or discuss any of the resources or services please contact us.

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Introducing the Essential Skills for Employment Award SCQF Level 3 and 4
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