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Children learning with teacher

Primary School Wellbeing Resources

Reposition wellbeing to maximise children’s learning


​Playback Learning Academy aims is to reposition wellbeing to maximise children’s learning. To improve outcomes in wellbeing and learning requires school leaders to:

  • deliver a progressive HWB curriculum

  • enable pupil voice – rights based approach

  • engage families in their children’s learning and the work of the school

  • gather rich, robust data from learners, staff and families

  • enable continuous improvement through effective participation in self-evaluation for all learners


View and download Playback’s Framework of Health and Wellbeing Primary Resources 

To arrange a free online presentation please contact us.

This is ME.jpg

This is Me!

Pupil Portfolio with Digital Surveys

Enabling schools to evidence and measure pupils progress in relation to Girfec wellbeing Indicators.


Mojo and Friends 


Mojo and Friends will help children to understand that being different is a positive thing and that we are all unique individuals.

Knowing Me.jpg

Knowing Me

Pupil Portfolio with Digital Surveys

Enabling pupils to evidence and measure their progress in relation to; the 4 capacities, their feelings, manners, relationships, behaviour, learning and physical self.

What do.jpg

What do I Think?

Pupil Digital Surveys

Enabling effective participation for learners in areas; relationships, learning, wellbeing working practices and the local community.

Knowing Me, Knowing You.jpg

Knowing Me, Knowing You

A Progressive HWB Curricular Programme

Enabling teachers to deliver a progressive wellbeing and skills development curricular programme addressing this priority area of the curriculum.

Image by Austin Distel
Introducing the Essential Skills for Employment Award SCQF Level 3 and 4
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